Tuesday, April 21, 2009

The Music Is A Life Saver

Up until recently I realized that I had totally been in the dark when it came to the classic disco track "Your Love Is A Life Saver" by Gayle Adams. For some reason, this 1980 gem had slipped through the cracks somewhere along the line and I never had heard the amazing song until just a few months ago. The one thing that I love so much about disco music, in general, is that regardless of how much you might think you know about the genre or how many songs you might of heard, there is always more hidden gems out there, some being more rare than others, that on a personal level are still yet to be discovered. I completely embrace those moments of personal discovery when they happen. I don't know if I've come across a genre that was as short-lived and yet contained so many quality releases as 'disco'. Maybe I'm wrong and I'm definitely up for always being corrected. Regardless, Gayle Adams' funky disco gem "Your Love Is A Life Saver" blew me away on first listen and I'm very excited to share the song with those that haven't until now heard the amazing disco classic (And of course I'm always just excited to share with all the disco lovers in general). Enjoy!

Gayle Adams - Your Love Is A Life Saver

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Retroruss said...

Hi Pat,
Firstly I want to say keep up the good work in keeping the disco alive! Your words today about discovering or uncovering gems struck a chord and I whole heartedly agree with you that this must be the only genre that continue to surprises - not just the era but the period - 1976-1980, so much was released, but has only come to light and shared globally as a result of the www. For example some records were only released in the US, got big in a particular city for a few weeks then faded away. It is only now that these tunes are being shared by people who 'lived the disco dream' like and the younger audiences who wished they had! BTW this Gayle Adams track is wicked - I'll dig it out and give it a spin!!
All the best

David Ballester said...

Great post. I posted that song a while ago together with three other Gayle Adams songs which I think you would like. Check em out here: http://anightoutwithdiscodave.blogspot.com/2009/02/gayle-adams-x-4.html

professor Eddy said...

Because of the economic wealth many (good) disco records came out by the end of 1970's. Perhaps too many, that's why the market collapsed around 1980. And the economic crisis of the 1980s has something to do with its fall as well, of course.

Another killer track from Gayle Adams is 'Let's go all the way'.