Thursday, May 14, 2009

Everyday and Everynight

Here is a re-edit I did of Tangerue's 1979 disco cut "Everynight, Everyday" from the group's self-titled album. The original was written, produced, and arranged by Eddy Strauman who also helped arrange Nightlife Unlimited's first album, which is definitely a record I very much enjoy. With Tangerue's "Everynight, Everyday", I've always enjoyed the overall groove of the song, however I could never quite get into the vocals. I thought I would do an instrumental edit that highlights the songs overall groove. Let me know what you think.

Tangerue - Everynight, Everyday (Pat Les Stache Edit)

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professor Eddy said...

I don't know, Pat. Some background vocals or a little bit of spoken word would have made the track a little more 'spicier'.

The Neurotic Brothers said...

Nice edit, Pat.

I agree with the instrumental edit idea. It's good to have instrumentals or dubbed edit to mix with vocal ones.


Bracco, from Buenos Aires, Argentina

Pat Les Stache said...

Hey Eddy,

I hear ya. If I ever decide to release (on vinyl) an edit of this song, I'll consider trying maybe through in a couple light vocal parts to spice the song up a bit. I think I was going for an instrumental edit that would work nicely in a mix with lots of vocal tracks...almost like a breakdown track in the middle of a large mix set.

Thanks for the advice!

Tanisha and Rhonda said...

OOOH, your edit is HOT!