Friday, May 15, 2009

Purple Flash

Here is an instrumental version of "Them Changes" from disco and italo producer Pierre Perpall. This song was released as the B-side track to the 1981 Them Changes twelve-inch single. This is just one of the many great disco gems produced by this legendary artist. Perpall under the alias Purple Flash produced the italo classics "We Can Make It" and "Crême Souflée". In 1981, Perpall collaborated with italo producer Michel Bibeau to release the amazing italo classic "World Invaders" under the name Pluton & Humanoids. Some of these releases can be found on Morgan Geists' Unclassics compilation. Perpall is considered by many as one of the premiere pioneers of the early eighties italo disco scene, releasing some of the genre's best and most obscure material.

Pierre Perpall - Them Changes (Instrumental Version)

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Anonymous said...

Pierre Perpall and Michel Bibeau are from Montreal Canada

Mr B said...

Love this track, thanks for the tip

please check my last Disco compilation...

by the way, i linked your blog...what about you