Monday, January 25, 2010

Kiss Me Again and Again

It's the beginning of a new week, therefore let's start it off with a disco classic and personal favorite track of all-time in Dinosaur's 1978 gem "Kiss Me Again". As many probably already know, Dinosaur is the short-lived tag team of Arthur Russell and Nicky Siano. As I continue to read Tim Lawrence's "Hold On to Your Dreams", I was intrigued by the section of the book that covered the recording process and background to this amazing track. According to the book, "Kiss Me Again" completely bombed in the charts and in the record shops. Arthur Russell blamed the record's bad showing to Jimmy Simpson's more dancefloor-friendly extended mix, which he never liked. He also blamed Sire records, who released the record, because of there lack of promotion. Regardless, all of that is history and as time has gone on, I believe the track has continued to receive more and more praise because in my opinion, the song was just a bit ahead of it's time as most of Arthur's songs truly were. Here is the original version of the track. Sit back and enjoy!

Dinosaur - Kiss Me Again (Original Version)

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Computer Blue said...

I remember the break being extended when DJ's would spin this back in he day.

Would you happen to have Tasha Thomas-Street Fever and James Brown-Jimmy Go Boom?

Anonymous said...

i also liked the re work done by Nicky Siano,which is quite different to this one,and spot lighted arthur's music ability more,also featured (as prob did in this vers) a young david byrne,and if you listen you can hear david's unmistakable guitar style,which later he used to great effect in talking heads.

black diamond - new york city dream would be a great track to feature.

love the tuneage

Dolce Vita said...

Oh wow, It had been a while sine I checked out your blog and I missed you! What a great track! I've been listening to tons of Lindstrom... is he your style? Thanks for the wonderful inspiration
That's What She Said

Anonymous said...

this is amazing! thank you for posting

Paul said...

I have just finished reading that section of "Hold On to Your Dreams", so thanks for timely posting. Does this mix have the original vocal track? This is different from other mixes I have heard. thanks