Wednesday, May 19, 2010

Cabana Disco Vol.04 Out Now!

I'm excited to announce that Cabana Disco Vol.04 is now out in stores! Like most of the tracks from the series, this record has an overall tropical Afro-disco groove. Starting off on the A-side is an edit of the 1975 heavy-hitting Afro-disco track "Advice From Father" (renamed "We Are The Africans") by Buari. The opening cut on the B-Side is an edit of the Chocolat's 1978 French disco classic "African Choco" (renamed "Afro Choco"). Volume four of the series concludes with an edit of Black Soul's 1977 African funk gem "Dakar Sound" (renamed "Disco in Dakar"). I'm really excited about this release, as I feel like this record continues along the same journey that volume 03 started. Like the rest of the volumes in the series, I did a super-limited pressing of only 300 copies, therefore when they are gone, they are gone. ENJOY!

Buy the record at these and many other fine locations:
Juno Records
Piccadilly Records
Phonica Records
Fat City Records (Recieved Record of the Week Honors)

Buari - Advice From Father (Pat Les Stache Re-edit)

UPDATE: I was excite to hear the "We Are The Africans" re-edit on Gilles Peterson's BBC radio broadcast early this morning (5/26/10). You can stream the entire broadcast by going here.

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Dj TrishaB said...

Hi Pat...Awesome blog you have here. I noticed a post below about blogs that readers check often and there's one site I check pretty often because he uploads some fabulous re-edits and has an in depth knowledge of the disco scene like you...His name is Glenn Rivera and you should definitely add him to your blogroll:

Pat Les Stache said...

Cabana Disco vol.04 is 'Record of the Week' over at Fat City Records!

Tyrgyzistan said...

The track was on Gilles Peterson Worldwide on BBC Radio 1, big time!

Anonymous said...

sorry but honestly i don't like this edit of the great buari. track.. the original mix is way better... keep up the great work though. /Carl