Wednesday, June 16, 2010

Blackjoy Releases New Album 'Erotis'

Every since the release of the mind-blowing Moustache twelve-inch a few years back, I've been a big supporter and fan of the "disco-house" group Blackjoy. Since that release back in 2005, the group has gone on to release some other solid singles including my favorite twelve-inch release of 2009 titled Blackjoy Disco Jams. In 2010, Blackjoy is at it again with a new full-length album titled "Erotis". This album which is currently available digitally and will also be available on vinyl at the end of June (roughly June 28th), is clearly one of the better releases of the year with a diverse group of funky tracks that blur the lines between many different sub genres of music. On tracks like "Djomani", "52 Devil's st", and "Jenny's disco" the group showcases a more disco sound, while on cuts like "Monilola", "Downtown Jenny", and "La Disco" feature a more classic House groove with vocals provided by Aqeel, Sandra Nkaké, and Lisa Spada. The record also consists of some funky slower tempo gems like "Games" and "Safado (part2)". With all of Blackjoy's releases, the group is consistently expanding it's own boundaries musically, and this record continues along that same path of exploration. Overall, Erotis is a solidly produced and diverse album that I highly recommend checking out.

Check out this solid mix put together by Dimitri From Paris of songs off of Blackjoy's Erotis album:
Dimitri From Paris' Erotis Album Mix

Download Blackjoy's 'Erotis' Album

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