Tuesday, June 08, 2010

Kaloule Woman

A track that has personally been a consistent favorite over the past few years is the African disco gem "Kaloule Woman" by the Malinga Five. This song was featured on the group's hard-to-find 1977 album Rock Africa. The song features some smooth soulful vocals that blend nicely alongside the song's funky African disco groove. My only complaint is that the song ends a bit prematurely, totaling in at just three minutes in length. After listening to the track over the years, I've always believed that there is some room for the song to include a few more long instrumental breaks. Regardless, "Kaloule Woman" is a solid track and one that will continue to be in constant rotation whenever I get in the mood to hear some really funky African music, which happens quite frequently. Enjoy!

Malinga Five - Kaloule Woman

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LjP said...

I love this album
Many thanks for your stuff!


the saucer people said...

Such a joyous life affirming "its all gonnna be alright" 2:00am afro-boogie on down kinda track!
Such a shame that it did not cross the path at the time of someone like Tom Moulton or Walter Gibbons as it just screams to be tripled in length and that break extended, tweaked and a little more freaked-out. I am also astonished none of the new crop of disco re-editors have tinkered with it....are we to expect a Cabana-ized version soon? I hope so!

Also thanks for the heads up about the 'Rock Africa' album, another one to hunt down! I finally found a copy of Black Soul's 1977 album thanks to your initial posting of a couple of tracks...well worth the time & effort as I imagine finding a copy of Rock Africa will be.

Pat Les Stache said...

How did everyone know? Yes, I'm currently working on a re-edit of the track, which will hopefully be included on the next Cabana Disco record. It was just too easy of a decision...this song is just screaming for an extended edit!

adam said...

aha! Glad you're doing one or I'd have to. This is amazing! Will keep my eyes peeled for your edit.