Thursday, June 10, 2010

Pat Les Stache | 2010 Paris Tour

A few weeks back, I mentioned that I was going to be visiting Paris this July. During this visit, I will be deejaying three straight nights. I've listed the dates and venues below. The last time I was in Paris,I deejayed a couple of nights that went over really well, therefore I'm really excited about these upcoming nights. It will probably be a couple of years before I make it back to this amazing city, therefore I highly recommend checking out these three nights. I will be spinning everything you hear on this blog including disco, Afro beat, Latin funk, and jazz. These nights should be a lot of fun, so don't miss out!

Here are the dates:
July 13 - Chez Moune (54 Rue Jean-Baptiste Pigalle) w/ Guido and Pierre Wax
July 15 - Curio Parlor (16 Rue des Bernardins)
July 16 - Tape Bar (21 rue de la Roquette) w/ Guillaume Galuz

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Anonymous said...

oh cool, i'll definitely make it to chez moune to check out your set!

Groove said...

Bonne nouvelles ;)

b2v said...


b2v said...

welcome in town ! we will be there !

guido said...