Tuesday, June 01, 2010

Touch to Touch

I hope everyone enjoyed the three-day Memorial Day weekend. For me, it was nice to get some much needed time off. Let's start off the shortened week with a disco classic titled "Touch to Touch" by Timmy Thomas. This funky King Sporty produced gem served as the title track off of Thomas's 1977 full-length album, which also included the Afro funk flavoured classic "Africano". Both of these tracks were also released as singles off the legendary Miami disco label label "T.K. Disco". The album as well as the two singles, remain to be some the hardest to find releases from the soul singer's catalogue. I would also state that the music that was included on "Touch to Touch" represents a bit of a departure from Thomas's more soulful side, which was replaced with a more overall disco friendly feel. Overall, a solid disco release from one soul music's finest artists. Enjoy!

Timmy Thomas - Touch to Touch

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Anonymous said...

Didnt this guy had a single titled STONE TO THE BONE ??? aound the same years 76 or 77 ??? ...