Thursday, July 22, 2010

Afro Influenced Funk Music

You have to enjoy the batch of new Afro beat group's that have been popping up over the last decade. Amazing nu school Afro beat bands like The Souljazz Orchestra, Antibalas, Fanga, Akoya Afrobeat Ensemble, The Daktaris, and many others have continued to develop the sound that Fela Kuti and Tony Allen helped create during the early seventies. Another recently established Afro beat group that can be added to that list is the dutch band AIFF (which stands for Afro Influenced Funk Federation). The group was founded by Phil Martin and Ton van der Kolk, who along with a full line-up of funk and jazz musicians, wanted to create their blend of funky Afro beat music. The group released a critically acclaimed seven-inch titled "Akwaaba" in 2006, which then led the group to release their first full-length, titled Afro Soul System, the following year. The record contains of many standout moments including unky tracks like "Circles", "Water Girls", "Don't Stop", and the heavy-weight Afro gem "The Seduction". We haven't heard much from the group as of late, however hopefully we will see another release somewhere down the line. For now, the group's 2007 release of Afro Soul System has plenty of great tracks to keep us happy. Enjoy!

AIFF - The Seduction

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