Wednesday, July 21, 2010

Survival Sounds of Woyaya

In the coming weeks, I plan to post more African, Latin, and funky jazz gems as that is what I've been collecting and listening to a lot lately. I will mix in some disco tracks, especially edits here and there, however I wanted to start sharing some of the music that has really been capturing my interest as of late. With my one thousand post coming up next week, I hope people continue to enjoy the evolution of this site.

That being said, here is one of my favorite tracks from the London based African group Osibisa in "Survival". This funky African cut was included on the group's 1972 Woyaya album. The original version of this group was formed in 1969 and made up of three Ghanaian and three Caribbean musicians. The group went through a few lineup changes during it's tenure. The group can sometimes be a little hit-or-miss personally, and some releases are harder to find than others. Overall, if your looking for a good introduction to Osibisa's music, Woyaya might be a great place to start. Enjoy!

Osibisa - Survival

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