Wednesday, August 04, 2010

Last Train to Paris

When it comes to travelling abroad, I always enjoy seeing new places, experiencing different cultures, trying new foods, and of course doing my best to hit up as many record shops as possible. That being said, the thing I always enjoy the most on these trips are the people I meet and come across. That statement was certainly true this summer when me and my wife (Stacy) visited Paris. During our week long trip, we met so many great people that really turned a good trip into an unforgettable one. From my deejay night at Chez Moune to the good times at Tape Bar and everything in between, we certainly couldn't have met and hung out with better people and we are truly grateful for that.

One person I got a chance to meet was Jerome Caron, better known in the music world as Blackjoy. He came out the first night while I was deejaying at Chez Moune and we got a chance to chat a little bit. I was very excited to finally meet him, because I've been a big fan of his productions for quite sometime. Before the night ended, he handed me a CD of Blackjoy's Edits vol.III, which is the third and final volume of this limited edition re-edit series, which was fist spawned back in 2008. When I finally got back to the states and had a chance to listen to the CD, I was pretty blown away. The re-edits that make up this final volume, are well crafted and really explore a vast selection of different genres of music and artists. I'm unfamiliar with many of the originals that are edited on this album, therefore I won't get dissecting specific tracks. However, their is an overall sexy psychedelic undertone to many of them. Funky music that you can both dance to and/or produce an erotic French movie around. The more I listen to the CD, the more that I wish some of these edits would make it onto wax at some point. Regardless, it was a nice and unexpected treat from a great person that continues to produce and re-edit some amazing music. Enjoy!

Electric Light Orchestra - Last Train to London (Blackjoy Re-edit)

You can now purchase Blackjoy's new full-length album "Erotis" by
Clicking Here.

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the saucer people said...

Blackjoy is one of my favourite re-editors as well and as someone just old enough to remember ELO's 'Last Train To London', this edit just blew me away as they already had that steady 4 to the floor back beat but he somehow stripped it of its AOR vibe and turned it into a full on disco stomper!...that man has far too much talent for my liking!

There are some great ELO tracks out there like Mr Blue Sky, Don't Bring Me Down, Livin' Thing and Here Is The News to name but four!