Wednesday, September 15, 2010

Swinging To The Bass

Ever since I first heard Los Charly's Orchestra a few years back, I've become a big fan of the group's music. I first took notice of the London based group back in 2008, when they released the twelve-inch EP titled Disco Royale. This amazing record, which features original compositions, had the overall sound and feel of a disco record from the seventies with cuts like "Swinging To The Bass", "Classic Reissue", and "Two Steps To Latin". At the time I wasn't aware that Disco Royale actually represented the group's third twelve-inch release. Since that time, the group has gone on to release a few more twelve-inch records including last year's Disco Funk and Nuevo Disco. Now the group is back with a new full-length CD titled Chicano Disco Funk, which is a collection of tracks that made up the group's previous twelve-inch releases. I'm always excited to come across new groups that are embracing the disco sounds of the seventies and successfully putting their own spin on it like the Los Charly's Orchestra. Hopefully the group, at some point, will make it to the West Coast so that I can get a live feel for their music. Until then, I will certainly sit back and enjoy many of their superb releases.

Los Charly's Orchestra - Swinging to the Bass (Re-Edit)

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Anonymous said...

Spot on Pat they've really captured that 70s disco funk stle,think i'll look out for a bit more from these chaps.


b2v said...

amwesome selection TJ ! thanks
back from holidays end very delightful to listen those tasty updates :)

RetroRuss said...

These guys are good friends of mine and they'll be absolutely delighted you've highlighted their tracks. Jorge and Juan the 2 guys behind Los Charleys will be so pleased. Here are some more links for these guys will take you straight to their website where you can buy their stuff and see where they are playing!
They are great live and they deserve all the support our community can give them! Buy their record!!! x