Tuesday, November 16, 2010

Edge of Seventeen

Over the past year, the one-time blog now-turned label Kojak Giant Sounds has been releasing some superb re-edit twelves. These releases have featured some solid re-edits from Leftside Wobble, Nicholas, Alphabet City, and many others. One of my favorite re-edits from this growing series comes from Spanish DJ/Producer Rayko, who's re-working of Stevie Nicks 1981 popular hit "Edge Of Seventeen" recently made it's way onto one the Kojak Giant Sounds releases. I was already somewhat a fan of the original version, however the Rayko did a nice job giving the song just enough of a dancefloor friendly feel that you might actually see some brave deejays drop this into their disco sets. I tend to be a sucker for re-edits that take on popular radio hits like "Edge Of Seventeen", therefore this re-edit is right up my alley. If you find yourself enjoying this edit, I highly recommend checking out the rest of the releases from this upcoming label. Enjoy!

You can purchase this 12", as well as other releases from Kojak Giant Sounds by Clicking Here.

Stevie Nicks - Edge of Seventeen (Rayko Re-edit)

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Anonymous said...

Like it,Like her.

thank you.


professor Eddy said...

Didn't Destiny's Child use the original for 'Bootylicious'?

Unknown said...

yes, they took bassline

Unknown said...

and guitars