Monday, January 31, 2011

We Can All Party Together

Keeping with the same theme as Grow Up, here is a superb disco re-edit titled "Party Together" by Tom Noble. This edit was released a few years ago as the B-Side track to Noble's twelve-inch Africa Bump release. I haven't been able to hunt down much information regarding the original track, however the edit has a nice uptempo boogie feel that really plays off of the tracks very soulful vocals. Overall, a solid edit that is primed perfectly for the dancefloor. Enjoy!

Tom Noble - Party Together

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soulie said...

Like this.
Kofi & Kiki,do you want simple yes or no the 24 hrs in a disco (inst & vocal).


Pat Les Stache said...

Hey soulie,

Sorry for the delayed response. Yes, I would love a copy of the track. Feel free to send it to

Thanks again!

Anonymous said...

Damn this is a jam ... I love playin this out !!! .. .Cheers