Thursday, April 14, 2011

Cool Chris Live "Grow Up" DJ Set

At the last Grow Up party, back on March 3rd, one of our two special guests that month was Groove Merchant record shop owner Chris Veltri, aka Cool Chris. He spun a great set full of rare tracks from his very deep record collection. We were fortunate enough to record his set that night, and we have finally gotten around to posting it for everyone to hear. Unfortunately we don't have a tracklist for his set, however I think it's safe to say that the set was full of hard-to-find gems that a you don't come across everyday. Anyways, we hope that everyone enjoys the set as much as we did that night.

Download Cool Chris' March 3rd Live Set @ Grow Up

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Anonymous said...

Aghhhh! Such a tainted chalice, the set with no play list. Love the blog. Best from Ireland.

Anonymous said...

Can help ypu with a few [the obvious ones I'm afraid]

11.14 - Ted Coleman Band/Due Consideration
16.14 - James Mason/Sweet Power Your Embrace

Last two tracks

Milton Wright/Keep It Up
Marvin Gaye/"T" Plays It Cool

Cheers from Scotland

Anonymous said...

Cheers mate,

Didn't know the Ted Coleman Band.

DJ Base said...

Thanks for posting Pat - great set.

Anonymous said...

nice, but nice shop too !!!!


dj moar