Thursday, May 19, 2011

I Thought It Was You

I thought I would keep it simple today and post an all-time boogie gem in "I Thought It Was You" by Herbie Hancock. This funky classic was featured on Herbie's 1978 album Sunlight. There is no argument that Herbie Hancock is a true legend that throughout his remarkable career has proven that he is always a step ahead of just about everyone else out there. His pre-boogie masterpiece "I Thought It Was You" is just another example of doing just this, writing a track that other producers and musicians could even dream of coming up with until about five years later during the early eighties. Regardless, just another classic from one of the greatest musicians to probably walk this earth. Enjoy!

Herbie Hancock - I Thought It Was You

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1 comment:

soulie said...

Robbie Vincent a London based,pioneer, DJ and broadcaster,who in the Mid 70s had a nationial soul funk,disco Jazz radio spot championed this fron the get go,and what a classic a fond friend for all Brit Soul Boys.
As Robbie would say 'Liquid Refreshment For The Feet'or something like that.