Wednesday, May 18, 2011

Roots of Life

Here is the funky Afro-flavored cut "Ma Do Nar" by the production tag-team Los Chicharrons. I just recently heard this group, which is led by Ramon Santana and Morten Varano, a few months ago for the first time and was completely blown away by their newest full-length release Roots Of Life. This new album, which was released by Tummy Touch Records, came to light when Morten traveled to Bamako in Mali and hooked up with a number of local musicians to help lay the foundation for the album's overall instrumental sound. The finishing touches to the full-length release were later applied in some production sessions in Copenhagen and London. Overall, the new Los Chicharrons album is a superb new release that nicely brings together elements of Afro funk, house, and disco while not losing the albums traditional Mali inspiration. I highly recommend checking out this new release!

Los Chicharrons - Ma Do Nar

Listen to more tracks from Los Chicharrons' Roots of Life album and more by Clicking Here.

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