Sunday, October 01, 2006

Remix Your Voice

Alden Tyrell, definately doesn't need an introduction at this point, however if you still haven't experienced, and yes I said experienced his recent Clone Records release of Times Like These (1989 - 2006), well you can go ahead and just grab the person nearest to you and let them know that your life just got better because your about to take the voyage you have been yearning for since you experienced your first dance club. If that already wasn't enough Tyrell to keep you satisfied for awhile, Clone has just released a follow-up 12-inch remix single for "La Voix" (original appears on Times Like These) , which features vocals by Nancy Fortune. This already amazing song gets the star remix treatment from the Isolators and Elitechnique.The Isolators, which have put out some great songs on Viewlexx, take the song to new heights by giving the song a bit more italo feel, which is always a good thing. Listen for yourself and you'll probably have this one on repeat.

Alden Tyrell - La Voix (Isolators Remix)

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