Sunday, December 31, 2006

Best of 2006

It's been long over due, however, here is my "Best of 2006 12-inch Releases" and "Top 10 Album Releases of 2006". Some of these releases you might agree with, and some of them you probably won't, and that's fine, I guess that's why these "End-of-Year" lists are purely opinion based. Alot of these releases were recently discussed in previous blogs, so there's no need to go over every single one, however I did add a few downloads to help guide you along. Overall, I think it's been a good year for music in which we saw many artists including Booka Shade, Lindstrøm, Hot Chip, 2020 Soundsystem, and Martin Buttrich drop multiple solid releases, while Delia Gonzalez & Gavin Russom, Reverso 68, and Force of Nature treated us "dance music enthusiasts" to some great new music. Definately a year to remember. So that being said, here is American Athlete's "2006-Best of..." :

(In no particular order)
Shit Robot - Wrong Galaxy/Triumph 12"
Martin Buttrich – Full Clip/Programmer 12" (MP3)
Delia Gonzalez & Gavin Russom - Relevee 12" (MP3)
Lindstrøm - Another Station 12"
Hot Chip - Boy From School 12"
Alexander Robotnick - The Dark Side of the Spoon 12"
Reverso 68 - Tokyo Disco 12" (MP3)
Brennan Green - Little Ease 12"
Mr. Pauli - Don't Want To Be You 12"
Junior Boys - In The Morning/The Equalizer 12" (MP3)
Morgan Geist feat. Jeremy Greenspan - Most Of All 12"
Goldfrapp - Fly Me Away (C2 remixes) 12"
Booka Shade - In White Rooms (Volume 1) 12"
Padded Cell - Are You Anywhere?/Konkorde Lafayette 12"
Marcus Mixx - Without Makeup/Let's Pet Puppies 12"
Escort - Starlight 12" (MP3)
Prins Thomas - Fehrara/Is it Big Enough 12" (MP3)
Lindstrøm - The Contemporary Fix 12"
Toby Tobias - A Close Shave 12" (MP3)
Lindstrøm & Prins Thomas - Mighty Girl 12" (MP3)
Spirit Catcher - Sweet Deal/Time Emulator 12"
Juan Maclean - Love is in the Air (Remixes) 12"
Alden Tyrell - La Voix (Remixes) 12" (MP3)
2020 Soundsystem - Grey Clouds 12"
Black Joy-Moustache(Prins Thomas remix) 12" (MP3)
Silicone Soul-The Pact/The Unforgiven Dub 12" (MP3)
Force of Nature-Black Moon 12" (MP3)
Nick Chacona - Through the Door/The Next 12"
2020 Soundsystem-Tape(Prins Thomas Remixes) 12"
Allez Allez - African Queen (Lindstrøm & Prins Thomas Remix) 12"

(In no particular order)
Booka Shade - Movements
Hot Chip - The Warning
Arthur Russell - Springfield (MP3)
Lindstrøm - Another Side of Lindstrøm (MP3)
Alden Tyrell - Times Like These:1996-2006
2020 Soundsystem - No Order
Junior Boys - So This Is Goodbye
Lindstrøm - A Feedelity Affair
The Emperor Machine - Vertical Tones and Horizontal Noise (MP3)
Arthur Russell - First Thought Best Thought

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