Wednesday, September 05, 2007

Get A Little

Patrick Cowley, could be credited for bringing italo to the West Coast, San Francisco specifically. In the late 1970's and early 1980's Patrick Cowley produced some great italo gems, including "Megatron Man", "Mind Warp", "I Wanna Take You Home", and "Menergy". He also worked with other italo and disco artists like Paul Parker, Sylvester, and Donna Summer. Cowley was a staple in the San Francisco club scene and eventually joined forces with producer Marty Blecman to form Megatone Records in the summer of 1981. One of my favorite tracks produced by Cowley is "Get A Little" which was released as a 12-inch single through Megatone in 1981. That same year, "Get A Little" was also included on the classic award-winning LP Megatron Man. Even though Cowley's musical career was shortened by his passing in 1982 due to AIDS, Cowley's contributions to italo-disco and dance music in general will forever be monumental.

Patrick Cowley - Get a little (extended version)

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matthew grundy said...

As I know it, italo disco as a term or catchall wasn't invented until the year he died. But, he definitely brought the general feel to America.

My favorite Patrick Cowley cut ever is Sylvester's "I Need Someone To Love Tonight". I've lost my copy of it and have been looking for years to replace it...