Thursday, November 01, 2007

Nice and Slow

In the late 1970's French producer/musician Don Ray was involved with many disco projects and artists like Cerrone, Alex R. Costandinos, and Leroy Gomez. Another project that he helped produce was Michele Freeman's 1979 self-titled solo LP. Ray not only produced the record, he composed, arranged, and played keys on many of the tracks. This solid piece of work seems to somewhat get ignored when it comes to Ray's musical career and achievements. The record went on to release two 12-inch singles with "Nice And Slow" and "Tumble Heat" that same year, however from start to finish the entire album is full of great disco music. It's safe to say that this record is just another example of explaining why Don Ray was one of disco's greatest music innovators.

Michele Freeman - Nice And Slow

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osses said...

Another great Don Ray production.Its rare and very forgotten!big up for uploading this.i visit your blog everyday:)