Thursday, July 24, 2008

Cum N' Go with Freedom

Since I'm still trying to recover from last night's STUDIO!, I'm going to keep today's blog post short and sweet (I hope you don't mind). That being said, I was excited to recently get a copy of Lee Douglas's new re-edit record The Douglas Sound EP in the mail. Douglas has released some of the finest re-edits among the disco scene for the past few years, and he continues the trend here on this three track EP which was put out by the Black Disco label. My favorite track on the record is his re-edit of The Freedom Machine's "Jangada", which he appropriately re-titles "Cum N' Go". As some of you might know, The Freedom Machine's 1978 Erotic Discotheque, which the original track is featured on, is pretty hard to find, so Mr. Lee Douglas does us a favor by not only putting together a solid edit of an amazing classic, he makes a Freedom Machine track a lot easier to get a hold of. Regardless, it's another fine addition to a growing library of classic Lee Douglas edits.

The Freedom Machine - Jangada (Lee Douglas Re-edit)
(MP3 Sample)

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