Wednesday, July 09, 2008

The Kings of Clubs

It seems like the more I hear French disco group Chocolat's, the more they become one of my favorite disco groups. All the records I've heard, including 1975's Rythmo Tropical, 1976's The Fabulous Chocolat's, the amazing 1977 release of African Choco, and the Salsoul Record release of Kings of Clubs are all very solid consisting of some amazing disco tracks. I find that this group does a nice job of blending both 70's French sounding disco and latin influenced grooves together to make for a unique disco sound. I have to admit that up until this year, I didn't know much about the group past their popular "The Kings of Clubs" single, however with my recent visit to Paris, I was able to be exposed more to the group thanks to the amazing Croco Disc record store. Overall, I highly recommend picking up anything and everything from this group, especially the African Choco record and the Salsoul release of Kings of Clubs. It's always nice to come across those disco groups that truly sustained for more than one record and were able to put together a solid collection of great songs.

Chocolat's - The Kings of Clubs (Tom Moulton Mix)
Chocolat's - Roots (Extended Version)

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Unknown said...

Hey, Pat. Lovin' in the Jungle is fire!

Anonymous said...

great tunes especially the roots track,thankyou

Pat Les Stache said...

Pat Les Stache Presents Cabana Disco will be in the pressing stage in the next couple of weeks!