Friday, January 02, 2009

Do It With Feeling

Over the past year, especially, I got more and more into the music produced by Michael Zager. One of the tracks that I find myself really into as of late, was the only twelve-inch release that the producer did under the name Michael Zager & the Moon Band back in 1975 entitled "Do It With Feeling". This record featured lead vocals by Peabo Bryson and was released by Bang Records. The record also could be traced back as the earliest stint Zager experimented with disco. Zager never released another twelve-inch under the "Moon Band" alias, choosing to move to other projects like the Afro-Cuban Band and the more notable The Michael Zager Band. I hadn't heard "Do It With Feeling" until this past year, however on first listen, I was absolutely hooked with Zager exploring an early disco sound that infused a slight rock edge that groups like Barrabas became known for. Overall, it's a great track and just one of the many solid Michael Zager producer classics during the mid to late 1970's.

Michael Zager & The Full Moon Band - Do It With Feeling

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jerome green said...

Hi TJ,

That is incredible! Thank you; I never knew of this early work. I still bring my "Let's All Chant" 12 inch to parties. It can be mixed in with so many things. Thanks again.

Happy New Year & Peace, Jerome

Dazzling Dee said...

Thanks a lot, i've never heard this stuff!

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Jack Prest said...