Wednesday, December 31, 2008

Best New Releases of 2008

With this being the final day of 2008, I thought I would post my personal "Best of 2008" new releases list. I appreciate every one's input for past couple of weeks on the records you enjoyed most this year. After spending some time thinking about it however, I really started to believe that "Best of..." categories are generally personal to the person or organization that are putting them together. Therefore I thought that instead of doing a survey, like I thought I would do, I decided just to list my personal favorites. Just remember, nobody is right or wrong and I'm sure I've left out some great releases, which fill free to comment on, however like I said, it's just a personal list.

As far as 2008 goes in the world of disco, I generally am very happy with the direction the music is headed. There seams to be this reemergence in the "disco orchestra" or real instrumentation again and a little less electronics. Also, re-edit twelve-inches seem to be extremely popular right now, which I also think is a great thing. It's like a new generation of people re-creating a genre with their "spin" on it.

What I would like to see is a more "multiple group" disco bands like Escort, The Million Dollar Orchestra, Arcade Lover, etc. being put together by some of the genre's best producers (like the old days). And last and not least....more disco parties!

Have a Happy New Year and Enjoy the Music!

Best New Releases of 2008
Los Charly's Orchestra - Disco Royale 12"
Keep Schtum - Keep Schtum EP 2
Cro Magnon - Great Triangle LP
The Revenge/6th Borough Project - Cadillac/Planets
Lee Douglas - The Douglas Sound EP mp3
The Juan Maclean - Happy House 12"
Greg Wilson - Ruff Edits #1 mp3
Rune Lindbaek - But For The Grace Of Cod 12" mp3
Pat Les Stache - Cabana Disco Vol.01 12" mp3
Downtown Party Network - Days Like These 12"
Maelstrom - Edits EP #2
Loud E - Drums Dutour II 12"
Disco & Co. - Cold Coke (Baldelli & Dionigi Re-edit) 12" mp3
Ray Mang - Bad Boy 12"
Moxie Paul - Yes You Mary 12" mp3
Greg Wilson - DC Le Groove 12"
Rudy's Midnight Machine - The Reception (Digital Release)
D-Classics - Smiling 12" mp3
Phantom Slasher - Blow Me Slow/Woman 12"
The Million Dollar Orchestra - Better Days LP
C.O.M.B.I. - You Got Love Song 12" mp3
Tangoterje - I Want Your Love 12"
Vitesse Nayway (The Idjut Boys) - I'm Not Moving 12"
Alexis Le-Tan & Jess - Space Oddities LP mp3
Le Disco - Tele Music Remixed (Digital Release)
Chaz Jankel - Get Yourself Together 12"
Arcade Lover - Fantasy Lines 12" mp3
Disco Italia - Essential Italo Disco Classics - 1977-1985 LP
Max Essa - Back To The Beach EP
Les Edits Du Golem - A.L-T's Summer Outtings 12"
Pilooski - Volume 9 12"
Faze Action - Spark / Hypnotic 12"

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Poppe1 said...

Hello Pat.
I just want to say that i love your blog. I pass by frequently and make some downloads and i like almost everything you post.
Thanks a lot for introducing me to some extraordinary tunes.
i wish you a great 2008.

Anonymous said...

hello man, thanks a lot for all the tracks that you share with us, new and old, i discover a lot in disco with you.

Happy new year to you, keep the spirit of disco alive !


Debector: said...

great blog !!
btw, your gepy & gepy edit is awsome.

Anonymous said...

Wonderful blog and really appreciate the new tunes. Thanks

Jacob said...

Wish I could afford to buy that many 12" a year!!!!!!