Monday, January 26, 2009

Get Loudefied

Netherlands' own Loud E had a huge year in 2008, releasing some of the year's finest disco re-edit twelve inches, including Drums Dutour II, Robolove, and Y.O.Y., on UK's Ambassador's Reception label. This trend is definitely continuing right into the new year with Loud E's new album Loudefied. This eleven track CD (unfortunately no vinyl as of yet) includes some of Loud E's finest edits to date by including something for every disco lover, from the afro-funky flavoured "Johnville Jungle", "Tower Of Love", and "Blacksoul" to the more cosmic spaced-out numbers like "Boutique", "Oceans Of Loud", and "Granada Nights". One can't also ignore the albums amazing two lead-in cuts "Prox" and "2004 Time Machined", which along with "Bill's Boa" happen to be my personal favorites at the moment. This album is perfect for fans of Phantom Slasher, Major Swellings, DJ Harvey's Black Cock edits, and Rune Lindbaek's Klub Kebabb LP. Loud E and Ambassador's Reception has definitely put together an early contender for best disco re-edit release of 2009. Not bad for a bunch of 'lost music' that was found lying around in European flea markets.

You can purchase a copy of the CD here:
(while they still last)

Phonica Records
Juno Records
Piccadilly Records

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Anonymous said...

What? No preview tracks? Sads.
Loud E was one of my space disco heroes of 2008 and I have been keenly waiting on this one for a while now. Placing my order this week - can't wait.

Anonymous said...

I love loud-e mix sets. His song selections are impeccable and flawless.