Monday, January 05, 2009

Tropical Daytime Lover

It's a new year, and I'm feeling in a giving mood. Therefore I thought I would share another track from the upcoming Pat Les Stache Presents Cabana Disco Vol. II twelve-inch. This time around it's a re-edit of Shîtan's 1977 funky tropical erotic disco rarity "Disco Shîtan". The original was released as a seven inch only single back in 1977 and was produced by Pino Presti. The re-edit will be included with re-edits of Nightlife Unlimited's "Love Is In You" and John Davis & The Monster Orchestra's "Aint That Enough For You" to round out the upcoming Cabana Disco Vol.02 twelve-inch. Hope you enjoy!

Shîtan - Disco Shîtan (Pat Les Stache Re-Edit)

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Anonymous said...

happy new year and thank's for the music

Anonymous said...

Excellent stuff as always....looking back over previous posts, I noticed Ray martinez. Any chance, if you have it, in posting Theme from Disco '77 by Sassy...........I've tried to track this down but can't

Happy new year and continue posting cool gems

Debector: said...

thank you.
nice edit, as usual.

John Zahl said...

When does this become available? I'll trade you for a copy of the 12"! best, JAZ

DrDisco said...