Thursday, March 12, 2009

Dusty Disco Gem

With London's Erol Alkan, under the alaise of Disco 3000, releasing this week a new twelve-inch record featuring a solid re-edit of Dusty Springfield's "That's the Kind of Love I've Got For You", I was inspired to post the 1978 original. Now, I know that when you think of "Dusty Springfield", you probably don't think of "disco", which definitely makes sense. However, in 1978 on her album It Begins Again...., she included the funky Tom Moulton mixed gem which helped her briefly attract a whole different audience. The an extended version was later released as a single, which can be hard-to-find. After listening to this cut, you might wonder why Ms. Springfield didn't write more disco tracks. Enjoy!

Dusty Springfield - That's the Kind of Love I've Got For You

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Anonymous said...

Was this song written by Dennis Parker? I saw the D. Parker on the record and was curious...

DJ El Toro said...

How happy was I to find this version online? Very happy. How happy was I to find it on your blog? Even happier.