Wednesday, April 22, 2009

Africa Goes Disco

One thing is definitely certain, the more music that I hear from John Ozila the more I completely fall in love with his music and records. In my opinion his 1979 african-disco gem "Funky Boogie" remains to be one of the best disco singles I've ever heard. That being said, when it comes to Mr. Ozila, one can't stop there. Before he released the Boogie Salsa album, which contained "Funky Boogie", he released the amazing album Africa Goes Disco. The record is pretty solid from start to finish with Afro and Latin flavoured tracks like "Hey Macumba", "La Koumba", "Africa Sound" and "Kon Tiki" among many others. Another one of my personal favorites from this particular release is the funky disco cut "Kandika" which contains all the same amazing elements that made "Funky Boogie" such a classic. Overall as a whole record, Ozila's Africa Goes Disco LP, in my opinion, can definitely stand toe-to-toe with the more sought after Boogie Salsa album. With all of that being said, I just say get both, if you happen to be lucky enough to actually come across both records. Good luck and enjoy!

John Ozila - Kandika

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Anonymous said...

I can't understand how a song like "Africa sound" was not a top hit if it is excellet because of its music, voices and instruments. I have not been able to find in the net a mp3 to record and less the lyrics (It must be very hard because it is in a language unknown by me) if somebody has it please send it to I also love "Funky boogie" but this song is easier to find.