Monday, May 04, 2009

Dance All Night

Here's a couple of late 70's disco gems, which include the high-energy "Dance All Night" and the more soulful "Feeling of Love", from MTL Express. Both tracks are included on the group's 1979 self-titled release which was produced by two disco seasoned veterans in George Cucuzzella and Joe La Greca. I really enjoy both tracks, however I admit it took me a few listens to become okay with the lead vocalist. With that being said, both tracks are backed by some solid and funky instrumentation that can easily get any dancefloor movin'. Enjoy!

MTL Express - Dance All Night
MTL Express - Feeling of Love

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H.M.A. said...

i've had this can-con classic for ages, but it's SOOOOOO Hi-nrg i can never play it!

btw, mine has an even weirder cover:

Anonymous said...

I'm currently downloading,
anyway only the cover is worth this post, thanks a lot! : )

Anonymous said...

just picked up a copy with the extra-weird cover. agreed about the tempo, it's just too fast for me to play out. nice record tho. like the honking horn solo.