Friday, May 01, 2009

Doin' it at the Bus Stop

Some days I really have no specific reason as to why I post one great track over another. Generally, I just post whatever random song I found myself really enjoying for the day. With that being said, today I found myself really having a craving for East Harlem Bus Stop's 1976 rare disco-funk classic "Let's Get It On". This was one of those classics I pretty much enjoyed from the very first time I heard it a couple of years back. Unfortunately I've actually never been able to hunt down a copy of the amazing album, entitled Get On Down!, that it's included on. The reason for never owning the album mostly lies with the fact that the record is extremely rare and can very expensive, which can be mostly true for all D & M Sound releases. The track, "Let's Get It On", has an overall early soulful disco feel to it, blending together a funky mid-tempo groove with some nice horn instrumentation and string arrangements. Overall, a very solid disco-funk rarity that for today, especially, had me feelin’ good in all the right ways!

East Harlem Bus Stop - Let's Get it on

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professor Eddy said...

It sounds a little like 'Do It' from B.T. Express and has some latin influences as well. Really nice!

Anonymous said...

could you please post Aït Meslayene - El Fen once more? ive been looking for it since i heard RRs rerub..

Pat Les Stache said...

The track will be available on May 7th, along with most of the expired mp3's.