Friday, December 11, 2009

Pat Les Stache Re-Edit Collection

Here is most of my edits that I've released on either the Cabana Disco Series and/or on this blog. Please feel free to download as many as you like and use them for whatever you like (mixes, disco nights, your own enjoyment). Thanks to all that have supported me and picked up any one of the current three Cabana Disco releases. There's plenty more to come, so stay tuned to this page. Enjoy!

Buari - Advice From Father (Pat Les Stache Re-edit)

Chocolat's - African Choco (Pat Les Stache Re-Edit)

Black Soul - Black Soul Music (Pat Les Stache Re-Edit)

Kabbala - Ashewo Ara (Pat Les Stache Re-edit)

Tony Rallo & Midnite Band -Burnin' Alive(Pat Les Stache Re-Edit)

John Ozila - Funky Boogie (Pat Les Stache Re-Edit)

D-R-U-M - Lalabye (Pat Les Stache Re-Edit)

Arthur Russell - Make 1,2(Pat Les Stache Re-Edit)

John Davis - Ain't That Enough(Pat Les Stache Re-Edit)

Celso Valli - Pasta E Fagioli (Pat Les Stache Re-edit)

Michael Zager Band - Soul to Soul(Pat Les Stache Re-Edit)

Shîtan - Disco Shîtan (Pat Les Stache Re-Edit)

Nightlife Unlimited - Love Is In You (Pat Les Stache Re-Edit)

Steve Miller Band - Abracadabra (Pat Les Stache Re-Edit)

Black Ivory - What Goes Around (Pat Les Stache Re-Edit)

Bamboo - Hey Hey Hey (Pat Les Stache Re-Edit)

Gepy &Gepy - African Love Song (Pat Les Stache Re-Edit)

Lovin' In The Jungle (Pat Les Stache Re-Edit)

Tangerue-Everynight, Everyday(Pat Les Stache Re-Edit)

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professor Eddy said...

Thanks for this pre-Christmas presents! ;-)

Nassau said...


Anonymous said...

hells yeah! thank you so much!

jmatt said...

i know its asking for a lot of bandwidth but .wavs would be really nice and would ensure that your edits are being heard and played in the best quality possible... except of course if you are selling them online somewhere else, in which case I will just buy them. much love, and format issues aside thanks for putting all of these up. the arthur russell one is a fav

The Neurotic Brothers said...

Hi Pat, many thanks for this beautiful edits!!!

Question: the "Disco shitan" download link points to "pat_les_stache-much_more_love.mp3 ". Is it ok? Thanks in advance

Merry christmas!

Rizzla said...

GOLDMINE!!!! amazing work!

BklynRob said...

Pat...I have been following your blog [and your old, shuttered one too] for a while. Your re-edits are great, your taste immaculate. Thank you for offering up such gems, and please continue to do so.

mic said...

oh yes, this is awesome Pat.


mic said...

really lovely, but can you give us all 320 KBPS empeethree ?

professor Eddy said...

The smiling guy between the girls looks like Steve Carell btw ;-)

Megatron Man said...

We love your work and have made a mix that includes one of your tracks:

We'd appreciate a link to our blog on your site.

Thanks from the Sacramento and Davis area: KDVS DJs

FWWM said...


tee cardaci said...

yes, yes, yes! cheers, pat, for all the disco love!

DJ Stereo. 77 said...

Greetings from Florida! Im really diggin' your blog and grateful I came across it! Thank you for the edits... Hopefully you dig mine as well!

the saucer people said...

A sublime collection of re-edits, just listening to your cut of 'Love Is In You', one of my all time favourite have really nailed sounds great when I mix it with the original,keep teasing & teasing for an enternity with the intro before dropping in the vocals!
It would be really fascinating to know how you go about re-editing a track, I am just starting out on that road and you seem to make it sound effortless (which invariably means you put a lot of effort into it)..a Pat Les Stashe guide to the discoid edit for 2010 would be a splendid post!
Anyway, keep on keeping the faith.