Tuesday, January 19, 2010


Boris Midney has written and produced many great disco tracks under a numerous of aliases including Beautiful Bend, Double Discovery, Pinocchio, and Companion to name just a few. He even produced his own musical interpretation of Star Wars' The Empire Strikes Back in 1980. With that being said, one of his finest efforts came in 1983 when he released the twelve-inch single D-D-D-Dance. My former deejay counterpart and good friend Terry (aka DJ H.M.A.) first brought this amazing single to my attention during our time putting on the Studio parties in Seattle. As we noted then, the song has a bit of an early Metro Area vibe, mixed with sporatic vocals throughout. Lee Douglas has recently released a re-edit of the track on one of the latest Editions Disco twelves. For all of the great disco and electronic based gems that Boris Midney has produced, D-D-D-Dance has to rank among one of his greatest productions.

Boris Midney - D-D-D-Dance

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