Monday, January 11, 2010

Rare Grooves from the French Caribbean

One of the more surprising favorites of 2009 was my personal choice for compilation of the year in Soundway Records' Tumbele! Biguine Afro & Latin Sounds From The French Caribbean 1963-74. This compilation is far from being considered "disco", however the record is one of the funkiest compilations I've ever heard. From start to finish, this album is very solid. Most of the songs and artists, before this compilation was released, I've never heard before, and this record really highlights the lost rare grooves from the French Caribbean. Some of my favorite cuts, even though I enjoy the entire record, include Barel Coppet Et Mister Lof's "Jeunesse Vauclin", Robert Mavounsy Quartet's "Henri Te Vle Maye", and Raphael Zachille's "Manze Mona" among many others. Overall, this might be one of those compilations that you find yourself sitting on the fence when it comes to purchasing, which makes sense due to the comp's very unknown and rare material, however if you enjoy funky rare world beats and Latin/ Afro grooves, this amazing record is an absolute masterpiece. Enjoy!

Barel Coppet Et Mister Lof - Jeunesse Vauclin

Robert Mavounsy Quartet - Henri Te Vle Maye

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Anonymous said...

Such an amazing find! thanks for the post.