Thursday, April 08, 2010

Sabu's Jazz Espagnole

Today I thought I would go a little Latin with another great cut, titled "I Remember Carmen", from Sabu Martinez. This funky Latin percussion gem was released off of Sabu's 1961 album Sabu's Jazz Espagnole, which was recently re-issued on vinyl. Much like "I Remember Carmen", the entire album features a lot of conga-heavy Latin jazz grooves throughout. Some of the other standout tracks include "The Oracle", "Breakin' It In", "Nica's Dream", and "Otra Vez", among others. Overall, there is no deny the impact and influence that Sabu Martinez has had on Latin and Afro-Cuban music, and his timeless release of Sabu's Jazz Espagnole is just another example of the amazing music that this percussionist released during his life. Enjoy!

Sabu Martinez - I Remember Carmen

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Anonymous said...

Yet another totally kick arse track - thanks!!