Friday, July 09, 2010

New Shoes On My Feet

Since I will be leaving for Paris on Monday and won't be near a computer, my posts next week will be very short, including just a song and a photo. I'm sure everyone can get by fine with the temporary limited approach. So continue to check this site next week, even though I will be away.

If your in Paris next week, please come out to one of the three (if not all three) night's I am deejaying. I would love to meet many new people, along with all those from Paris that have followed/supported this blog and my music/edits over the years.

To end this week, I thought I would leave off with a song I always like to play out while deejaying in Loose Joints 1983 disco classic "Tell You (Today)". By now, I'm sure everyone is aware of the pure brilliance that is Arthur Russell, and this funky track is just one of his many great songs that he wrote and recorded during his life. Even though the song was released during the eighties, the song has an overall late seventies groove to it. It certainly captures that "Disco-not-Disco" sound that seemed to develop shortly after the commercialization of disco during the late seventies. Over time, the disco gem has become one of my favorite Arthur Russell songs. The song's lyrics and uplifting groove seem to always have the ability to put me in a good mood. Overall, like many of Arthur's songs, "Tell You (Today)" is a classic among classics. Enjoy!

Loose Joints - Tell You (Today)

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Anonymous said...

This was another jam I used to dance my ass off to at the Paradise Garage in NYC.