Friday, July 02, 2010

Record Shops in Paris

With my upcoming trip to Paris being only one week away, I thought I would ask those that either live in Paris or are very familiar with the city to give me some recommendations on some of the cities best record shops. I've noted a few like Croco Discs, Croco Jazz, Groove, Superfly Records, and a few others, however I wanted to know if there is any places I might be missing. I certainly will appreciate any helpful hints. Thanks!

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Baker said...

silly melody and monster melody are recommended.
more here under paris:
enjoy paris!

b2v said...

crocodisc and superfly are certainly the best !

Paris Jazz Corner close to Les Arenes de Lutece

Librairie Parallele (2nd hand) close to Les Halles

Silly melodies close to Fontaine St Michel

there use to be some shops in rue Keller and rue des Taillandiers in the Bastille area

Anonymous said...

check at Betinos record shop - 32 rue St Sebastien - 75011.
Oliv for Elephunkynow records

LjP said...

guido said...

hi man, the best shops are not real shops, but private appartments with real record dealers. don't worry, we'll show you where it's at.

see you @ chez moune