Friday, October 08, 2010

Soul Soukous

Let's end another busy week with a rare Afro funk gem titled "Soul Soukous" by Auguila Gaston Demaye. I don't know much about this track other than it was released as a seven-inch single sometime during, I believe, the early seventies. The track, which seems to be Demaye's only known official release, has an overall funky sound that is very reminiscent of Manu Dibango's Afro classic "Soul Makossa". Overall, a fine gem to round out the week with. Enjoy!

Auguila Gaston Demaye - Soul Soukous
(Sorry, Per Request the track has been removed)

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1 comment:

Martin L said...

Why was this one removed? I heard it from another site. It didn't sound that bad.