Tuesday, January 04, 2011

Jungle Music

Well I hope everyone had a good holiday season and happy New Year. It's good to finally be back on a normal schedule again, even though I must say the time off was very much appreciated and much overdue. Anyways, I thought the best way to ring in the new year, on this site, would be to go about it the same way I decided to end the last year, with a new re-edit!

Here is another re-edited version of Kongas' 1978 tropical disco track "Jungle". Now I don't make it a practice to re-edit songs twice so let me explain the back-story on this particular situation. Early last year when I was working on an edit of this track for the first Athlete Edits release, I couldn't decide whether to use the songs gritty verse vocals or exclude them altogether, therefore I made two versions: 1) A version with the vocals and 2) A more dubbed-out version of the track that had less vocals. In the end, for whatever reason, I decided to go with the more dubbed-out version on the Athlete Edits release. I always planned on sharing the other version of the edit, which in a lot of ways is very similar, however I wanted to provide enough space between the two different versions so that one didn't overshadow the other. Hopefully that helps clear up any confusion anyone might have about the fact of why I would post another version of an edit. For those that tend to really enjoy the originals grittier vocals, this version might be a little more up your alley. I actually really enjoy both versions, with them having a slightly different overall feel. At this point, I'm unsure if I would ever release this version on vinyl, especially because I would like to move on and focus on other material that I'm currently working on. That being said, having two versions of an edit in this instance is something that I certainly do welcome, especially when I personally enjoy each of them in different ways. Enjoy!

Kongas - Jungle (Pat Les Stache Re-Edit Part 2)

To hear the version that is found on the Athlete Edits Vol.01 twelve, Click Here.

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