Tuesday, March 29, 2011

All that is Cosmic: Kurt Hauenstein

Shortly after we have lost one the greatest disco singers in Loleatta Holloway, we have now unfortunately lost another great artist in Kurt Hauenstein. Kurt, who passed away on March 20th due to a cardiac disease, founded the Austrian band Supermax, who throughout the late seventies put out some of the best cosmic disco records that have ever been released. Some of amazing cosmic gems written by the group included "Lovemachine", "Musicexpress", "Dance, Dance, Dance", "Push Push (Sexy Chocolate Girl)", "Don't Stop The Music", "Fly With Me", "It Ain't Easy" and many others. On top of working with his band Supermax, Kurt also helped write and produce Bamboo's superb 1979 self-titled album, which included the classic disco cut "Spaceship Crashing". When it comes to seventies era cosmic disco, nobody did it better or was more influential than Kurt Hauenstein. He will surely be missed.

Supermax - Musicexpress

Supermax - Watch Out South Africa, Here We Come

Supermax - Push, Push (Sexy Chocolate Girl)

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Anonymous said...

Missing him already.
Kurt is one my heroes.


Thurston Howell III said...

Love Machine was my favorite of his.

Another one gone to the great disco in the sky - The Restaurant At the End of the Universe....

Requiescat in pace