Monday, September 26, 2011

Interpretation of the Afro Rhythm

Let's start the week off with a selection off of Ray Stephen Oche's rare African jazz album Interpretation of the Original Rhythm, titled "Okwukwu-Kiwongo". This funky track is just one of the many amazing cuts off of this LP, which was recorded back in 1970 by a number of brilliant musicians hailing from the Congo, Togo, Guinea, Gambia, Brazil and West Indies. Honestly, every song is truly great as it features a nice blend of Afro and Latin rhythms and vocal chants. Even though this record is very hard-to-find, it shouldn't stop it from being very high on everybody's wishlist. Enjoy!

Ray Stephen Oche - Okwukwu-Kiwongo

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Anonymous said...

Hi, i´m looking this album, you know how i can downoad? please

Anonymous said...

i would like download this album, how i can do?