Tuesday, October 18, 2011

Wake Up Your Mind

This week the French label Hot Casa Records released an official re-issue of Joni Haastrup's classic Afro-funk album Wake Up Your Mind. This was the Nigerian-born and now Oakland, Ca. based solo album, however not his only music contribution to the world. Before releasing his solo record back in 1978 off of the Afrodisia label, Haastrup was featured on many notable African-based records including Orlando Julius' 1966 album Super Afro Soul, as well as playing guitar and keys in Ginger Baker's African inspired group Ginger Baker's Air Force. During the mid seventies Haastrup led the Afro-funk/ Afrobeat band MonoMono, who released a couple of amazing records which have just been re-released by Tummy Touch and Soundway Records. Overall, the man once known as Nigeria's "Soul Brother Number One" has contributed quite a bit musically to the world, and his late seventies masterpiece Wake Up Your Mind is an absolute gem that helps capture the brilliance of this legendary artist. Please go do yourself a favor and purchase all of these recent released re-issues!!!

Joni Haastrup - Greetings

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