Monday, February 11, 2008

Rice, Beans, and Disco

The disco group, Rice And Beans Orchestra, whiched grabbed my attention based on the interesting name alone, was one of the earliest disco collectives of studio-based musicians, a project put together by Puerto Rican born producer/songwriter Pepe Luis Soto. This latin influenced disco project released three solid LP's and a number of great 12-inch singles during the late 1970's off of Henry Stone's legendary disco label T.K. Disco. Album's like 1977's self-titled LP, Rice & Beans Orchestra as well as 1978's Cross Over LP including disco club hit's like "You've got magic", "Coconut groove", "Disco Dancing", and "Rice & Beans Theme", all blending together the group's latin music roots with their newly found love for disco. After the break-up of the Rice And Beans Orchestra, founder Soto, went onto help produce and write music for his, at the time, wife, Celi Bee, who as many know, released many great hit's during the disco era. Overall, Pepe Luis Soto's Rice And Beans Orchestra, not only had an amazing name, however provided us with a nice collection of disco music.

Rice And Beans Orchestra - Rice & Beans Theme

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A Pyrex Scholar said...

i love this LP. great post !