Wednesday, August 26, 2009

Put Your Pants On

On a completely different note, is anybody else bummed about the passing of Senator Ted Kennedy? Outside of being a huge disco and music lover, I also find myself to be a pretty big political junkie. Therefore a day like to today definitely brings a tear or two to my eyes. We definitely lost a great leader today, a unique and influential individual who will truly be missed.

On with the music...
Today I have to keep it short as another late night of working at the opera awaits me. Therefore, here is a classic cut that needs no explanation in Jackson Jones' funky 1980 track "Put Your Pants On". The track was released on a dual twelve-inch single that also featured Little Carlos' funky reggae cut "Shake Your Body Down". A reissue of the single has been noticeably popping-up in many record stores. I highly recommend snatching up the funky classic while the record continues to be much easier to obtain.

Jackson Jones - Put Your Pants On

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QuarBy said...

cool post. r.i.p. ted.

Mary Jo Kopechne said...

I don't feel so bad about Ted Kennedy's death.

Pat Les Stache said...

Mary Jo,

That has to be the most heartless comments I have ever heard or seen. I hope one day you realize that regardless of your political stance or views, comments like those are always inexcusable and inapropriate. There is no room in this country for hateful speech like the comments you have left on this blog. You should be ashamed of yourself.

Anonymous said...

put yr pants on = tuuuuuuuuune!

Anonymous said...

Mary Jo well I sure in hells didn't feel bad about Reygun's death.

Your a schmuck Mary Joe!!

Apologies Pat Les Stache but I hate that kind of ignorance.

This is a cool track love the break in this.

jmatt said...

yeah put ur pants on is the jam thanks for heads up on the reissue

Mary Jo Kopechne said...

The sad thing is that you imbeciles are so stupid, that you don't even recognize irony when you see it.

Do you idiots even have the slightest idea who Mary Jo Kopechne was?

Mary Jo well I sure in hells didn't feel bad about Reygun's death.

I won't feel bad when you die either!

As the bumper stick says:

"I'd rather go hunting with Dick Cheney than go driving with Ted Kennedy".