Wednesday, October 31, 2007

Disco Witch

I generally never do holiday themed music posts, mainly because holiday themed music is generally terrible. However, I thought I had a good post that could go well with Halloween. That being said, in 1978 Gino Soccio and Peter Alves, the same people behind the Gotham Flasher project, came together again to produce another disco project called Witch Queen. This group released only one self-titled LP which included the single "Bang A Gong", which is a cover of T. Rex's popular 1971 classic rock anthem "Get it on". The rest of the album consists of a few solid disco originals along with another classic rock cover in Free's 1970's "All right now". Overall, Witch Queen is best known for the "Bang A Gong" track which was also released as a 12-inch single. Another great disco project produced by Soccio and Alves.

Witch Queen - Ban A Gong

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beta said...

while I've had this file (DLed from you) forever, i finally found the Witch Queen album yesterday. what's really strange about this is that the session players are all from Muscle Shoals. the same guys that backed Wilson Pickett, Aretha Franklin, and the Rolling Stones are all playing on this. weird, small world.

j m said...

Hi there,

Would it be possible for you to re-host that Witch Queen Mp3? Do you have an actual copy of this record. I've been searching high and low for this one....hit me up if you do.

I live in Seattle too.