Monday, November 24, 2008

Double The Pleasure

I was extremely excited recently when I came across Tantra's classic 1980 Double Album LP. This is one of those records I thought I would never come across, however, one day when I was walking through Seattle's Capitol Hill district I noticed it in the window of a record store called Wall of Sound and I instantly stopped in my tracks and when in bought the record without flinching. This amazing record, which was written and arranged by legendary disco mastermind Celso Valli, is combination of Tantra's 1980 Mother Africa LP and their classic 1979 "Hills Of Katmandu / Wishbone" twelve-inch. "Hills Of Katmandu" and "Wishbone" probably represent the group's most standout cuts on this double vinyl collection, however you can't ignore the solid afro-disco classic "Su-Ku-Leu" and the funky album cut "Get Happy". Regardless of what you enjoy best, this is definitely a true disco classic. I'm just happy that I stubbled across it at least once in my lifetime.

Tantra - Hills Of Katmandu
Tantra - Wishbone

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Anonymous said...

Thanks for this, as usual fantastic stuff !

Anonymous said...

Man, talk about a classic! I've actually been looking for this on wax for years, but have had no luck. The 2 biggest tunes that were played here in Chicago were 'Su-Ku-Leu' and 'Mother Africa." Deep House jocks still implement these into their sets. Also, 'Hills Of Katmandu' is a no-brainer. The Patrick Cowley remix is also on fire, but even harder to obtain (sigh ...). I hope folks who may be unfamiliar with this album are paying attention. Thanks for sharing with us, as always.