Thursday, January 29, 2009

Hot Latican Funk

Recently I was listening to The Kay-Gees 1979 LP Burn Me Up for the first time in a while, and was blown away by the album's opening cut "Latican Funk". I've owned this record for a few years and for some reason did not realize how great of a song this track is. The song which has a bit of a funky latin-disco vibe was produced by a team of legendary producers which included Ken Morris, Patrick Adams, and Stan Lucas. Now, this is not the only good track on the record as many of you might know with other classic gems being "Sing A Happy Song (Sing, Sing, Sing)", "The Rhythm Is Hot", and the title track "Burn Me Up". I love those moments that you re-discover those records that have been collecting dust over the past couple of years. This was definitely one of those moments.

The Kay-Gees - Latican Funk

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