Wednesday, January 28, 2009

You Do It So Good

Another nice find in 2008 was finding a used and extremely cheap copy of Larry Page Orchestra's 1978 LP Skin Heat. When it comes to the Larry Page Orchestra, the only music that I was familiar with was the music included on his classic 1977 Erotic Soul LP. I had no idea that this disco project had more to offer with the group's follow-up record. That being said, I was immediately impressed with Skin Heat after listening to the songs opening track "You Do It Good", which has a bit of a "disco inferno" driving groove to it. Other standout cuts like the latin flavoured "Restless Senorita" and the albums single "Slinky Thighs" definitely had me sold on this record. Just like Erotic Soul, this record was produced by Charles Blackwell. The songs opener, "You Do It Good" continues to be a consistent favorite included in many of my live deejay mixes. Not bad for a record that I found hiding away in a record store selling for a buck! Pure Goodness.

Larry Page Orchestra - You Do It Good

(I also expect to do an edit of this song later this year for Cabana Disco vol.03)

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