Friday, February 27, 2009

Disco Warrior

Songwriter, composer, and producer Barry De Vorzon contributed some of the best soundtrack-themed disco tracks during the 1970's. The most notable rock-infused disco cut had to be the theme song produced for the 1979 cult-classic movie The Warriors, simply titled "Theme From "The Warriors"". This gritty instrumental classic was recently re-edited by Skinny Joey and released a while back on one of my personally favorite Mindless Boogie twelve-inches. De Vorzon also experimented with disco a few years earlier with the Nadia's Theme (The Young And The Restless) soundtrack in 1976. That record consists of some notable disco cuts including "The Dancer" and "Theme From S.W.A.T.". His work started to fade out as 'quality' and interesting soundtracks, in general, started to fade out during the late 1980's, however not before leaving us disco lover's with a few gems.

Barry De Vorzon - Theme From "The Warriors"
Barry De Vorzon - The Dancer

And Skinny Joey's recent Re-edit:
Barry De Vorzon - Theme From "The Warriors" (Skinny Joey Re-edit)

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Poppe1 said...

These are amazing songs.
Thanks Pat, for briging joy into my life everyday.
And also for letting me know about such good artists, that i've never heard before.


David Ballester said...

Here's some moore mindless boogie edits for you.

Anonymous said...

Pure awesomeness.

As a life-long fan of THE WARRIORS, I cannot tell you how many people I have tried to turn onto the soundtrack.

You're doing God's work, son! ;-)

Thanks for sharing the love!